Tour overview

Luckily, Lebanon is considered an international diving spot with several accredited centers. And why in Sour/Tyre, because in this southern coastal city, was originally Phoenician and later under Roman rule and then Arab rule. The dive in Sour is mainly around the ancient harbor where remains of buildings, roads, and columns are visible underwater.

Do we need equipment to have this activity? No, we are taking care of everything!

We never tried diving before! Never mind, we will get about 1-hour explanation and training before starting the diving activity!

Will this be the only activity? Of course not! we will spend our day on the beach, swimming, snorkeling, and enjoying the sun, and fish will be our lunch!



Our event will start from the rocky beach in Sour/Tyre


We will have about 1-hour diving explanation


Only 3 people can dive at a time, the others we will be enjoying the sun and the beach!