Tour overview

Orange Blossom Water, or also called Mazaher, is a product widely used in many Lebanese pastries, puddings, syrups, and jams. It’s even used on what is called “White Coffee”, which is hot water added to orange blossom water.

Most of the Orange Blossom Water production in Lebanon comes from Maghdoucheh, a village in the south of Lebanon, 50 km from Beirut. The village is well known for Our Lady of Mantara and occupies a hill with an elevation between 200 and 229 m above sea level, overlooking Saida city.



  • Breakfast


lovely promenade around the field accompanied with a local guide


Helping the farmers in the process of picking the orange flowers


Picnic in the fields having traditional breakfast - Man'oucheh


Witness the process of distillation to get the water by visiting an authentic place where these flowers get distilled to get the essence(كركي)

Ending by

Visiting locals at their house offering us white coffee - hot water added to orange blossom water