Tour overview

How to taste Olive Oil?
Olive oil tasting is similar to wine tasting: just like wines, olive oils have a very wide variety of tastes and aromas.
If you are up to tasting olive oil, you can join us for an out-of-the-box experience in the deep south of Lebanon, in Deir Mimas village, including
-Olive Oil Tasting
-A village tour
-A hike through the very old olive trees
-Ending our trip with a traditional brunch
-We may also pass by the borders between Lebanon and Palestine, and visit the Beaufort fortress.


Short tour in the entrance of the village

Stop 1

Olive Oil Tasting


Heading to the very old Olive Trees

Arrival to

Waterfalls and beautiful nature

Stop at

a loval bakery to get our brunch, traditional Saj manouche

After that

Head to the borders between Lebanon and Palestine

Ending the tour

By a visit to the Beaufort fortress