Tour overview

This tour combines rural site-seeing with nature exploration

“Maasser” means presses, which indicates that this village used to be home to the presses (olives, vine, and others) of Chouf area.

Home to the oldest Cedars trees in Lebanon and labeled as a “zero pollution” village by UNESCO, Maasser El Chouf is part of the Al-Shouf Cedar Nature Reserve. Fun fact: The cedar tree on the Lebanese national flag is hidden within the reserve and you will get the chance to pose for a picture under this ancient and important symbol.

Only 57 km away from coastal Beirut, the village is perched at a whopping 1950m above sea level at its highest point. It is well known for its traditional, well-preserved rural character, which we will be exploring while hopping from one old traditional house to another. And since the village is part of the Cedar Nature Reserve, an easy walk between the cedars is a must.

Our tour includes a little escape into Ghassan’s workshop, a blast from the past where we will experience, first-hand, how old traditional tiles are handmade. Get your hands dirty and try making a tile yourself!



  • Breakfast
  • Wine tasting

Never start your day on an empty stomach!

Traditional Breakfast: Man'ouche Saj

Get friendly with the locals

Walk in the village hopping from one house to another and from one old press to another

Fill your senses with aromas extracted from the local cultivated herbs

Home Distillery (to produce herbs water; zaatar, eucalyptus, mint, rosemary,…)

Drop by Ghassan's workshop, one of the few remaining tile making artisans in Lebanon

Blat El Atiq, homemade tile presentation, and participation (where we will make our own hand made tile)

Stand in owe among some of the oldest trees in the world: the cedars of Lebanon!

The Cedar Reserve for snowshoeing during winter and very easy hiking level during other seasons, we will pass by the oldest Cedar Tree in Lebanon, the one on the Lebanese flag.

Explore Local cultural centers and get a glimpse of the unique heritage of the Druze community

Druze Temple and Old Oak trees

End your day with a relaxing drink and a taste of the local wines

Wine tasting at Michael Winery

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