Tour overview

Aaqoura is a mountainous village in the Byblos District of Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon. It is 68 kilometers north of Beirut. It has an average elevation of 1,600 meters above sea level and a total land area of around 140 square kilometers.

This picturesque village is famous and special for it’s beautiful circular ponds, delicious juicy apples, mesmerizing nature, and famous mountain chains.  Aaqoura  is also home of 42 churches and  is most exceptional for its engraved Church in the hill, considered as one of the oldest churches in Lebanon.

Another remarkable church,  Saydet El Hebes church, located at the top of a hill, offering an amazing panoramic view of the village, and also marked for its long stairs.

After visiting these peculiar sites, and taking an overview of Aaqoura, the tour will continue by the caving activity in the longest Labyrinth in the Middle East.

Add to the bucket list, the astonishing view of the lakes from Saydet El karen.

Taking into consideration all these unique sites, Aaqoura is a perfect trip for hikers, campers, astronomy enthusiasts, and nature lovers.


  • Breakfast

Stop 1

St. Peter’s and Paul, a carved church.

Pass by

Roman Road.

Stop at

Saydet El Hebes church, and leaving it using its long downstairs.

Arrival to

Easy level caving at Rweiss grotto.


A short break in the apple fields.

Ending by

Last stop will be Laklouk, Saydet El Karen, overlooking the magnificent agricultural lakes view