Tour overview

Perched at 1050m above sea level in the heart of Zahle district, but only 56 km from Beirut, this historical village borrows its name from “Maqam”  meaning sanctuary (of prophet Ayla), which is the first spot that welcomes you at the village entrance.

With its vibrant green dome, red stone walls and heavy oak doors, the maqam’s architecture is a snap of a unique era in the history of Lebanon that captures both Islamic and Christian heritage, and therefore, this place is a popular pilgrimage destination for both religion.

Nabi Ayla is a village that thrives on agriculture, making it a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Every year, the mon of March marks the beginning of the almond harvest season, but it is also the time where cherry trees bloom!  In the summer, Nabi Ayla is rich with grapevines, apple and apricot that grow in abundance, making it a perfect destination to enjoy nature and feast on local produce.

In Nabil Ayla, the Cherry Blossom tour is where it all begins for us at Lebanon Stories, and it is a trip not to be missed!



  • Lunch


We will start our journey at the Cherry Blossom Valley where we will start our moderate hike surrounded by the cherry blossom, almond, apple trees, and Grapevines, for about 4 to 5 hours.


Visit the Maqam-Sanctuary which the village took its name from, and of course, we will listen to its interesting story while visiting!


Traditional Lunch - Sfiha which is a dough with goat meat baked in the oven.