Tour overview

Baalbeck city is about 67 km northeast of Beirut. Known for its Roman temple, this monumental counted among the wonders of the ancient world.

It is home to the temple complex, which includes two of the largest and grandest Roman temple ruins: The Temple of Bacchus and the Temple of Jupiter, moreover it was inscribed in 1984 as a UNESCO World Heritage site.

But there is more to explore in Baalbeck than the mysterious ruins. The city has the largest manmade stone block ever discovered, measuring 64 feet by 19.6 feet by 18 feet,  and weighs an estimated 1,650 tons.

Another interesting spot is the Great Umayyad Mosque that dates to the early eighth century and was built from the temple stones.

Moreover, we can find in Baalbeck, the oldest hotel in Lebanon, which was originally established by a Greek businessman in 1874 and never been closed for a single day during the two world wars and the fifteen-year-long civil Lebanese war.

Lastly, let us not forget the wine tasting activity, to combine culture and wine tasting. One of the most prestigious and beautiful top boutique wineries in Bekaa is Ksara Winery. Our visit will be to the Wine Cave, which is a perfect combination of wine, tasting, and stunning landscape. Hence, Château Ksara’s core values are tradition, nobility, and modernity. Founded in 1857 by Jesuit priests, it is Lebanon’s oldest largest, and most visited winery.


  • Breakfast
  • Wine tasting
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Pit Stop

For traditional breakfast, Aricheh sandwich


The Roman Temple

Pass by

Umayyad Mosque - a mosque built from the stones of the temple.


Palmyra Hotel - The oldest hotel in Lebanon

Pass by

A very old house, showing the old Baalbeckian architecture

Pass by

El Hobla Stone - the largest stone, and the Roman monolith in Baalbek

Ending the tour at

Chateau Ksara winery and Roman caves visit and wine tasting

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