Tour overview

Ammiq Wetland: The Must-Visit Land of Water Buffalos in Bekaa

The largest remaining freshwater wetland in Lebanon, Ammiq wetland, about 1 hour 20 minutes from Beirut, is remains of much more extensive swamps and lakes that once existed in the Bekaa Valley. 

The dreamlike location hidden in west Bekaa, is, of course, a place to be visited by nature lovers, hence it’s known as one of the most important bird migration routes in the world, and over 250 species of birds have been recorded in the area. Not to forget the green land and rich flora and fauna, special for this Wetland. 

The tour in the Ammiq Wetland will show the many marshes that once existed in the region, the amazing experience of the last significant freshwater wetland in Lebanon, the pure water, and the meeting of birds while roaming around, more than 250 species. 

Now, shake up your routine and get a dose of some much-needed nature therapy in this stunning area. Here, you’ll find water buffalos that live in the swamp! Watch the wild birds cross as the buffalos take a dip in the freshwater reserves. A sight you don’t definitely don’t want to miss! 

Looks like it is straight out of a painting.


  • Lunch


we will start a hike in the wood, Cedars trees, and Pine Trees, where we will meet some goats and sheeps


Until we arrive at an uphill overlooking the swamps of Ammiq, where we can take fascinating photos


Then we will get down the hill and enter Ammiq reserve, where we can meet the Water Buffaloes


Our hike can continue in the reserve, having around us the fascinating swamps, and meeting a different kind of birds and animals

Ending by

Our trip will end on a hill at Saghbine village, overlooking Quaraoon lake, where we will have our provincial lunc