Have you ever seen the REAL Cedar tree printed on the Lebanese flag? (the oldest Cedar tree, exceeding 3,000 years old!)

Have you ever seen Lamartine Cedar tree?

Have you ever visited the largest number of Lebanese old houses in High-Chouf?

If you haven’t done any of that, then you need to join us in our trip to Maasser El Chouf

But that’s not all, check out our schedule below:

**Old Pressing (from where the village got its name)

**Home Distillery (to produce herbs water; zaatar, eucalyptus, mint,

**Very easy level hiking in the Cedars reserve to reach both the
oldest Cedar tree, the one on the Lebanese flag,
and Lamartine tree

**Druze temple

**Old Oak trees

**Blat El Atiq (where we will make our own hand made tile)

**Wine tasting at St. Michael Winery