Escape the city heat wave ☼ and come with us as we are going to a village situated on a hill at an altitude of 1450 meter, below it is the valley of #Kanoubine-Kadisha which is because of its Asi Al Hadath Grotto that the valley was enlisted as UNESCO Patrimonial site.

Gathering: 7:00 Dawra near McDonald’s
Departure: 7:30 sharp

Itinerary: 9:30 expecting arrival to Hadath El Jebbeh, we will start our journey with a traditional breakfast, then we will head to St. Daniel historical church aged about 900 years, beside the distinguishable tree The Durable Gall of St. Doumit.

From there we will start a short hike around the fields (30 min) to reach Eyn El Dayaa and Wadi El Tawahin (Valley of mills) and the Sarcophagi (نواويس).

After that, the bus will take us to Hadath’s Cedars Forest, one of the most beautiful and largest forests in Lebanon, where we will have another sort hike(30 min), we can here get a rest and enjoy our snack.

The bus will take us again to the village where we will have an easy walk between the ancient alleys.

What to bring with you:
☛Hiking shoes
Please don’t wear shorts as we may have wild plants while walking.

Fees: 45000 L.L (including transportation trip, hiking guide, breakfast, but don’t include insurance, please bring your ID insurance with you) special discounts for groups of 5 and above

For reservation: send whatsapp or sms to 03321054 before Friday July 7, 2017

Sometimes due to reason beyond our control slight modifications might occur.