Visiting the Roman Temple of Baalbek is a must, but exploring the city and live its authentic part is an unusual experience, and that’s what we are going to do

Gathering: 7:00 Gallery Semaan
Departure: 7:30 sharp

The authentic experience will start from the early morning by a Traditional Breakfast- Tannour Man’ouche, the conventional way (our first stop)

9:30 am expected arrival to Baalbek city, a local guide will be waiting for us and accompany us all the way long and keep telling us the genuine stories of Baalbek. Our journey will start from the Temple, we will visit then the Great Mosque, which is just near the temple and was built from its rocks, and what about exploring the site that contains the Largest Stone ever found in the world, Hajar Al Hobla, and getting a clearer idea on how the temple was built.

Finishing the touristic part we’ll go to the authentic part, we will have a nice walk in the alleys of Baalbek Old Souks, passing by Butcheries Souk, Bakeries souk, Spices Souk-the old way(photos will be posted on the event to give you clearer idea, click interested and you’ll get notification once posted)

Our lunch will also be in the traditional part, we’ll get our lunch, Sfiha and many kind of meat, (Sfiha is a dough with goat meat baked in the oven) and go to Ras El Eyn, an interesting story about the God of Love will be told there while having our traditional lunch