What is so special about Akoura?

Akoura has the longest Labyrinth in the Middle East, it is a mountainous village known for apple growing, has a carved church, and it is located next to Laklouk where you can witness the most spectacular breathtaking view from Saydet El Karen!!

And yes we will do all this!!!

What to explore in Akoura:

●St. Peter’s and Paul church, a carved one!
●Saydet El Hebes church, an old convent that was a residence for many bishops
●The bus will take us again to the next activity, an easy level caving at Rweiss grotto guided and supervised by a local expert.
●After caving we will reward ourselves by a break in the apple fields, where our guide will amuse us with some interesting information about apple trees, and it is there where we will have our break and enjoy our snacks for lunch
●After the break, the bus will take us to Laklouk, Saydet El Karen, because the view there is breathtaking and we will not skip it!!