Lebanon Stories - احكيلي عن بلدي

Lebanon Stories – احكيلي عن بلدي is a personal initiative started in 2015 with the aim of introducing Lebanon’s hidden gems to both locals and foreigners.
Our goal is to provide you with an unforgettable yet affordable unique view of Lebanon’s best sites.

Lebanon Stories – احكيلي عن بلدي is the brainchild of Nagham Ghandour, an avid explorer and nature lover who created this new tour concept that mixes nature with history and culture to bring out the best experience one can have while exploring Lebanon. Nagham has an intimate knowledge of Lebanon and guarantees to take you to places where no other tour group would.

“My aim is to show people from all over the world The real Lebanon like never seen before, through amusement trips full of activities, varying from extreme sports such as caving, canyoning or rafting, to authentic experiences like handmaking tiles, picking olives, or harvesting orange blossom.” – Nagham Ghandour